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it's better to help people than garden gnomes....

The Amelie Journal Project
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Welcome to my own Amelie inspired journal project.

About the project
It started one day after watching Amelie when I was working on a travelling journal. My life had reached a point where it just seemed so dead and uninspired. I thought it would be wonderful to have a book full of random people from all over the world (i have a fascination with people), just like nino's photobooth book, only inspired by the film as well.
A book full of wonderful photobooth pictures, of people's likes and dislikes, of random acts of kindness and life changing stories, of fun and beauty and wonder, of France and cafes. A book that is just as magical as the film.

Please read The Rules before you join. You have to have the community on your friends list.

The Plan
To start with there will be one journal travelling the world. I'm getting people from as many different parts of the world and as many different pen-palling and journalling communities to come together to create this one book. However, in the future, I am willing to get more books started (but obviously not all looking and feeling the same). When I recieve the book, scans will be posted of it both on the community and also to the participants emails. All members must be committed to this project. Please see the rules post for further details.